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BGUSM Courses

In partial fulfillment of ministry certification requirements at BGUSM, students are required to successfully complete a minimum of 63 units of course work:

30 Units of Ministry Specialization Courses in one of the following schools:

School of Preaching
The School of Preaching, headed by Bishop Joseph Garlington, is committed to preparing men and women to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity, authority, and integrity. Courses dedicated to in-depth study of the Scriptures are complemented by practical courses not only in homiletics and hermeneutics, but also in other issues crucial to those called to preach such as how to keep preaching ministry "fresh" year after year and how to preach in intercultural settings. Bishop Garlington Urban School of Ministry.

School of Media Arts
The School of Media Arts is committed to training church leaders in utilizing modern technology to communicate the narrative of the gospel. Students are trained in cutting-edge audio-visual technology such as sound engineering, graphic design, Web site development, scripting and editing programs for radio, television and video streaming on the Web. What sets BGUSM apart from traditional technical colleges is our commitment not only to informational training in these areas, but also to the use of technology in service of the gospel.

School of Worship and Fine Arts
The School of Worship and Fine Arts, headed by George Furlow, is committed to training leaders in worship and fine arts in the local church setting. Besides musical training in both individual and ensemble settings, students are trained in what it means to serve and lead in music ministries in the local church. Rigorous courses in music theory, arrangement, and recording technologies are complemented by courses in church musicianship developing hearts of service and worship that position singers and instrumentalists of excellence to be anointed by the Holy Spirit as they serve.

10 Units of Practicum

During a student's second year of coursework, she or he will submit a ministry practicum proposal. This proposal will represent approximately 300 hours of practical, hands-on ministry in the area of the student's chosen specialization.

Teachers in the student's chosen ministry specialization will work with each student to develop an appropriate practicum proposal in light of the student's calling, training, and previous experience.

Practicum evaluation will be conducted by a combination of the student's own evaluation of the experience, the evaluation of their assigned practicum supervisor, and the evaluation of other people relevant to the student's practicum ministry as determined by both the student and their practicum supervisor.

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